A Little Bit About Our Company

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MOUSE GROUP was founded in 1991 and since the very beginning has rapidly grown it took us only 5 years to commence and establish our presence on the foreign markets.

MOUSE GROUP offers a wide range of products and services for outdoor and indoor advertising, as well as visual communications, lightboards, paper bags, printed matter and tailor made non-standard advertising solutions.

MOUSE GROUP production and warehouse are located in one plant in Sofia with 15,000 m2 covered area and second plant in Botevgrad with 9,000 m2 covered area.
As a supplier, we have some undisputed advantages that win us the trust of our clients:

  • Fully closed production cycle
  • Short production timing
  • High quality products
  • A team of over 260 highly qualified specialists
  • Long established professional experience
  • Competitive / Advantageous prices
MOUSE GROUP Plant Administration
MOUSE GROUP Botevgrad Plant